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Easter shopping - information booth in front of the shop Lush

Easter is just around the corner - and Orang Utan Help Lëtzebuerg is this Saturday in Luxembourg City in the Grousgaass in front of  LUSH Luxembourg from 10-18:00 😎

So do your Easter shopping and come and see us, we have great Easter gifts on offer ;) Come and inform yourselves and help us to help the orangutans 🤗
For those who can't come by, but are still interested in our products, please email us at

And ALWAYS remember: Always have a look at the list of ingredients of the food and if it says "Palm", please put it back - especially when it comes to Easter ... The rainforest and its inhabitants say thank you!



Ordinary general assembly 2019

We cordially invite all supporters to our annual General Assembly. It will take place on 26 February 2019 at 19h30 in the "Haus vun der Natur" at Kockelscheuer. Due to the lack of parking spaces we would ask you to use the parking "P+R Kockelscheier", or to use public transport (bus: line 18 stop Kockelscheuer Patinoire, or line 200, stop Kraizhaff).


  • Welcome and opening of the General Assembly
  • Annual Report 2018
  • Financial Report 2018
  • Acceptance by the cash auditors
  • Relief of the treasurer
  • Election of the Board of Directors
  • Election of new cash auditors
  • Handing over of cheques
  • Planned activities 2019
  • Travel report
  • Free discussion around a drink

We would be very pleased to welcome you this evening.

Out of quarantine, into the socialization camp

There is finally news about our youngest protégé, little Hope. After a felt eternity, her laboratory results have arrived and the suspicion of tuberculosis has not been confirmed. The little one is healthy all around and was finally allowed to leave the quarantine station. A few days ago she was allowed to move to the socialization enclosure, where she will spend the next months or rather years. Here the little one is pepped up and gets to know other fellow sufferers from whom she can hopefully learn. In several months she will hopefully be able to go to the new nursery where she can be prepared for a life in freedom.
We are so happy for little Hope
Of course we will keep you informed about her progress! Thank you for your perseverance and support!

Mistake in our calendar

We were horrified to discover that our calendar contained an error. In the month of December, unfortunately, 2 days were skipped, namely the 16th and 17th of December.

If you want to exchange your calendar for a corrected one, you can of course do so. In this case we ask you to contact us until 28 February by email to our address

We ask you to excuse this mishap.

Donation from Patisserie Hoffmann

Patisserie Hoffmann has decided to support us with a donation of one Euro for every king's cake sold.

In addition to the traditional king's cake with almond cream, they also offer a  cake with apples as well as e version containing their homemade Hoffnella, a delicious homemade hazelnut cream without palm oil.

We would like to thank Patisserie Hoffmann for their support.


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Other documents

Stellungnahme unseres Sekretärs zum Moratorium auf Palmöl
Moratorium auf Palmöl-Lizenzen.pdf
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